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The water entering your home is more than just water. It could be gray water from washing machines, dishwasher discharge, and sink backup. In other instances, black water from the sea, toilet backflows, and streams and rivers might make its way into your home. Though both types of water are dangerous, black water is even more hazardous since it contains gross contaminants and harmful pathogens. This is when you’ll need professional assistance. Our network experts implement the latest processes using modern technologies to clean and disinfect your property. They remove the dirt and debris that might make its way into your building, from solid waste to leaves and twigs. Our pros also disinfect your furniture, carpet, walls, and flooring to keep your loved ones from viruses and bacteria. You can count on our network partners for water damage cleanup and disinfection any time of the day/night, and they’ll be on our way within moments.

Everything you need to know about our professional water damage cleanup services

Removing water helps protect your property and keep your loved ones safe. However, it does not help restore the building to its original state. An efficient cleanup process is a must to ensure your home is safe, dry, and contaminant-free for you to enter. This involves removing tree leaves and branches, plastic bags, human waste, hair, and other foreign objects that might have entered with water. Professionals use specialized equipment to dry your property and boost indoor air quality. Delaying the water damage cleanup risks mold formation. Research highlights that mold can lead to severe health symptoms, including:
  • Sneezing
  • Itching
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Trouble breathing
  • Headache
  • Watery eyes
A few mold types can lead to even more severe illnesses. Therefore, a quick water damage cleanup is critical to ensure safety. Professionals use dehumidifiers to dry your property and fix leaks in windows, walls, pipes, and ceilings. They may also suggest mold-resistant paint application for optimal well-being.

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Restore your flooded basement with professional cleanup services in Salem

An inadequate basement waterproofing risks flood. A few common causes of flooded basements include the following. Poor yard drainage, heavy downpours, and sewage backups can release large amounts of water into your basement. A damaged supply hose of your washing machine or burst pipes are common culprits behind large amounts of water in your basement. Your basement may also flood due to improper sealing of doors and windows. Avoid entering the basement or touching the electrical outlets in the event of a flooded basement. Besides, hire experts for cleanup as soon as possible. They use professional-grade equipment to pump out the standing water and repair the damaged materials. A professional restoration company may also install waterproofing products like sump pumps and interior drainage systems to handle excess water entering the property.

Efficient and thorough flood damage cleanup for your peace of mind

Though leaky pipes and overflowing toilets can flood your basement, natural disasters are the most widespread cause of water damage. Common types of floods include the following. Urban floods happen when the city’s drainage system doesn’t absorb water from a heavy downpour. The water flows into the streets and homes, causing considerable water damage. A rapid ice melt or heavy downpour causes fast-moving water to enter the buildings in the event of flash flooding. This is one of the most destructive flood types and may move large objects like trees and cars. River floods occur when the rivers overflow due to excessive rainfall over an extended time. This type of flood introduces gray water containing harmful toxins and bacteria in your homes. Strong storms and winds lead to coastal floods. Properties with lower elevations are more likely to bear the aftereffects of these floods. Because natural disasters introduce varying water types in your home, experts take steps to clean and sanitize your belongings to kill the bacteria that might have accumulated in the building.

Maximizing safety and minimizing damage: our approach to flood damage cleanup

Professional services are advocated for obvious reasons. They have the right equipment needed to restore your home and belongings. The highly-efficient tools quickly help clean and dry your property, returning it to its original condition. Here are some common tools most professionals use. Professional-grade dehumidifiers: They feature a highly efficient technology to reduce indoor humidity levels to an optimal range. This ensures your items and other structural elements are dry. Air purifiers: Because toxic water releases contaminants indoors, compromising your home’s air quality, experts use air purifiers to boost the air quality and ensure your well-being. Moisture detectors: They are excellent tools for inspecting water damage around the flooring, wall, and other surfaces. They help identify the severity of damage by displaying the moisture levels. Dump containers: They come in handy to remove water-damaged items from your home. Air movers: Also called air blowers, they quickly dry carpet, flooring, and drywall. Most professionals use a combination of dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the property from top to bottom.

Bring your carpets back to life with our expert carpet water damage restoration services

Soaked carpets pose severe health hazards. They are an ideal breeding ground for fungi, mold, and bacteria. People with weak immune systems are more vulnerable to allergic reactions due to mold and bacteria accumulation. It may also trigger flu-like symptoms and respiratory issues in people with compromised immunity. Therefore, drying the carpet as soon as possible is critical to ensure health and hygiene. A professional cleanup service may take the following steps to restore your damaged carpet. They quickly address the source of water damage, like burst pipes or failing sump pumps. Experts use dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture and air movers to dry the carpet thoroughly. A few may take the damaged carpet to their facility for cleaning and drying purposes. Wet carpets could be more dangerous than you imagine. Therefore, hiring experts is essential to save your health, money, time, and energy.

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